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Frequently Asked Questions

Now that I am on a team, how do I pay my team fees?
  1. Login to our (CRVBC) website with the player's account.
  2. Navigate to the CRVBC Registration page.
  3. Click on the 'Pay...' button on the upper right side of the page.
  4. Once on PayPal, simply look near the bottom of their page and click the pay with credit card, or the one time payment option.
How can I learn more about officiating?

USA Volleyball has many officiating resources to help you learn the game of volleyball, and how to be a referee.
These courses are free for USAV Members.

To access your USAV Academy Account:

  • Login into your SportsEngine account
  • Click on 'Household' in the left hand column, then select the correct person within the main area of the page.
  • Then, click on the 'View Details' link:
  • Then click the USAV Academy button.

This will bring you to the USAV Academy where you can register and take their online courses.

To locate the course, click on the "Content Library" item in the left navigation pane:

The course for Junior refereeing is:

Note: USAV recommends using the Chrome web browser to take these courses. I have had occasions where taking a course in a different browser has caused me to not get credit for taking the course, so you will want to follow their suggestion and use Chrome.

How to take the SafeSport online course

How to Complete My SafeSport Certification From My SportsEngine Account - SportsEngine Help Center

By US Congressional mandate and trickling down through the USOC, USAV, and NERVA all players that will be 18 years old at any point during the JO Se