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CRVBC Registration Overview

New Registration Process

For best results please read this post in its entirety.

You will need to use the new SportEngine registration process for your USAVolleyball membership; follow the 'USAV Registration' link in our navbar/menu and follow the directions you will find there.

Click here to download a pdf containing the steps, along with pictures, on how to create your SportsEngine account and sign up a player.
SportsEngine Accounts are based on the Parent. USAV Memberships for players are setup under a parent's account. If you are a player over the age of 18, then you can create a SportsEngine account and register yourself with USAV. Note: A SportsEngine account is not a USAV membership; it's just an Account on SportsEngine. A USAV Membership is created under a SportsEngine account.

Please make note of the player's USAV ID as you will need this when registering on our CRVBC web site. The USAV ID is located within the Player's profile; accessible by clicking on the player from the parent's 'Household' view. It is also accessible within the 'Welcome' email you will receive after registering the player on SportsEngine.

Location of Membership ID on SportsEngine

Once you have completed your USAV registration you will need to register with us via the 'CRVBC Registration' links below. 

NOTE: Starting this season the Medical History/Release forms are no longer required by USA Volleyball. However, for safety purposes, if you have any medical condition the CRVBC Coaches or Staff should be aware of please make sure to let us know.

Junior Olympic Volleyball Season: 2020-2021 - Girls
Junior Olympic Volleyball Season: 2020-2021 - Boys